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Why Cruise? Uncover the Perks of a Vacation on the High Seas

large cruise ship in the ocean with a smaller pilot ship in the background
Uncover the Perks of a Vacation on the High Seas

Hey there, Fly Travelers! Are you ready to swap your land legs for sea legs? Cruising is not just about endless buffets and deck chairs (although those are pretty great), it's about adventure, relaxation, and seeing the world in style. So, let's talk about what makes cruising such a fabulous choice for your next vacation!

The Perks of Cruising: A Vacation That Has It All

The benefits of cruising are extensive:

  • Convenience: Unpack once and enjoy varying vistas without the hassle of checking in and out of hotels.

  • Variety: With options ranging from mega-ships equipped with every imaginable amenity to smaller, more intimate vessels, there's a cruise to suit every taste.

  • Inclusive Pricing: Your fare typically includes accommodations, meals in main dining areas, activities, and entertainment.

  • Cultural Immersion: Visit multiple destinations in one trip; excursions and guided tours let you explore significant landmarks and local favorites.

  • Family-Friendly: With clubs for kids and teens, plus activities for adults, cruising is great for families.

Choosing Your Cruise Line: There's Something for Everyone!

First, picking the right cruise line can make or break your vacation. Love a lively atmosphere and endless activities? Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean are like floating cities packed with entertainment and fun for all ages. If you're in the mood for a bit of luxury (oh, who isn't?), Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises offer that extra elegance and top-notch service that can make you feel like royalty.

Virgin Voyages is an adults-only line that is kid-free and offers unique itineraries that include overnight stays in cities, giving you more time to explore. And for those who dream of icy fjords and polar bears, Hurtigruten specializes in expedition cruises to the poles. Yes, you can cruise to the ends of the earth!

More Aboard:

Virgin Voyages: Setting Sail with Style New to the cruising scene, Virgin Voyages is making waves with its adults-only policy and a lifestyle-focused approach that's perfect for travelers looking for a blend of relaxation and modern luxury. With Virgin Voyages, you can expect trendy design, tech-savvy amenities, and a focus on wellness and sustainability. It's like the cool new kid on the block who knows all the best party spots but also where to find the best quiet corner for a sunset. And foodies, rejoice! Their dining options are a far cry from traditional cruise buffets, with a focus on global cuisine and no extra charges for dining in their amazing array of restaurants.

Holland America: A Classic Cruise Experience Holland America Line, on the other hand, appeals to those who enjoy a touch of classic elegance and a more traditional cruising experience. With an emphasis on superb culinary experiences, expansive art collections, and live music options, Holland America offers a refined atmosphere. It's perfect for those who love the journey as much as the destination. Plus, their itineraries often include unique ports that other larger ships can't reach, making them ideal for the seasoned traveler eager to explore lesser-known locales.

Carnival: The Life of the Party Now, let's talk about Carnival Cruise Line, famously dubbed the "fun ships." Carnival is well-known for its lively, festive atmosphere, making it a favorite among younger passengers and families. The ships boast an array of bars, nightclubs, and comedy clubs, alongside activities and entertainment that keep the energy high from dawn till dusk. It's the go-to line if you're looking for non-stop entertainment and a casual, upbeat environment. Simply put, Carnival turns the notion of a dull moment into sea spray – nonexistent!

Princess Cruises: A Regal Experience at Sea Princess Cruises is renowned for its refined ambiance, exceptional service, and wide range of itineraries spanning the globe. Whether you're looking to explore the glaciers of Alaska, the ancient sites of the Mediterranean, or the vibrant cultures of the Caribbean, Princess Cruises offers a sophisticated, yet relaxed atmosphere that appeals to both seasoned travelers and first-time cruisers. Onboard, you can enjoy luxurious spa treatments, a variety of dining options from casual to gourmet, and Princess's unique Movies Under the Stars®, a poolside big screen showing the latest films.

Royal Caribbean International: Innovation at Sea If you're after adventure and innovation, Royal Caribbean stands out with some of the largest ships in the world, equipped with robot bartenders, skydiving simulators, and even ice skating rinks! Ideal for families and tech-savvy travelers, Royal Caribbean ships are floating cities that offer a dynamic and engaging experience.

Norwegian Cruise Line: Freestyle Cruising Norwegian Cruise Line offers flexibility uncommon on most cruise ships, with no fixed dining times or formal dress codes. This "freestyle cruising" approach is perfect for those who prefer a laid-back atmosphere with plenty of dining options and Broadway-style entertainment.

Luxury Lines: Seabourn & Silversea

For those seeking an all-inclusive luxury experience on the seas, Seabourn and Silversea are standout choices. Both lines offer ships with all-suite accommodations, meaning every guest enjoys a high level of comfort and privacy. Gourmet dining is a hallmark of these cruises, with menus often designed by world-renowned chefs and featuring exquisite dishes that cater to refined palates.


Seabourn is known for its intimate ships that offer a unique blend of casual elegance and a highly personalized service. With a smaller passenger count, the staff-to-guest ratio is high, ensuring attentive service. Seabourn's ships are designed to access smaller ports that larger ships cannot, allowing for unique itineraries and less-trodden destinations. The atmosphere aboard is one of understated luxury, making it ideal for travelers looking for a relaxing, sophisticated voyage.


Silversea also provides an ultra-luxury cruise experience with an emphasis on exotic destinations. Its small, luxurious ships reach far-flung locales around the world, from pole to pole, and include cultural hotspots across Europe, Asia, and beyond. Silversea offers a bespoke service with butlers available for all suites, enhancing the personalized experience. The line is also known for its enrichment programs which include expert guest speakers and destination consultants, aimed at deepening the understanding of the destinations visited.

Must-Visit Destinations: Where to Drop Anchor

The Caribbean, with its turquoise waters and sunny skies, is a no-brainer for first-timers. This region offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, with pristine beaches, vibrant cultures, and exciting shore excursions. Explore the lush rainforests of Jamaica, snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas, or discover the colonial charm of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Looking for something a bit more Old World? Mediterranean cruises offer a smorgasbord of history, stunning architecture, and some of the best food you'll ever taste. Immerse yourself in the ancient wonders of Greece, such as the Acropolis in Athens and the white-washed villages of Santorini. Marvel at the iconic canals of Venice, the Gothic cathedral of Barcelona, or the glamorous French Riviera. With so many diverse countries and cultures to explore, a Mediterranean cruise is like a greatest hits of Europe.

And don't forget about Alaska; cruising past glaciers and watching whales? Yes, please! This breathtaking region is a nature lover's paradise, with jaw-dropping scenery, incredible wildlife, and unique experiences. Witness the majestic beauty of Glacier Bay National Park, where towering glaciers calve into the sea. Visit charming frontier towns like Ketchikan and Skagway, and learn about the rich history of the Gold Rush era. For the adventurous, go dog sledding on the Mendenhall Glacier or kayaking in the serene waters of Kenai Fjords National Park.

But there's more to cruising than just these popular destinations. For a tropical getaway with a South Pacific flair, consider cruising to Hawaii. Soak up the sun on the iconic Waikiki Beach, hike through lush volcanic landscapes, and experience the warm hospitality of the Hawaiian people. Or, head down under to Australia and New Zealand, where you can explore the vibrant cities of Sydney and Auckland, snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, and witness the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Milford Sound.

For those seeking a more exotic adventure, a cruise to Asia offers an incredible array of cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. Discover the ancient temples of Bangkok, the futuristic skyline of Singapore, or the bustling streets of Tokyo. Immerse yourself in the rich history and traditions of China, Vietnam, and South Korea, and savor the delicious street food and night markets along the way.

No matter where your compass points, there's a cruise destination that will captivate your heart and ignite your sense of wonder. So, drop anchor in the Caribbean, set sail for the Mediterranean, or venture to the far corners of the globe – the world is yours to explore, one port at a time.

Ocean vs. River Cruises: Choosing Your Waterway

While both types of cruises offer the benefits of seeing the world from the deck of a ship, there are distinct differences:

Vessel Size: Ocean liners are generally much larger and can accommodate thousands of passengers, while river ships offer a more intimate experience, typically hosting around 150-200 guests.

Itineraries: Ocean cruises can cover vast distances, from transatlantic voyages to circumnavigating continents. River cruises provide a closer look at inland destinations, often stopping at smaller ports not accessible to larger ships.

Scenery and Pace: On river cruises, scenic landscapes are constantly in sight, and stops at ports are more frequent. Ocean cruises have days at sea and offer extensive onboard activities.

What's Included and What's Extra?

Typically Included:

  • Accommodation: From interior cabins to luxurious suites.

  • Dining: Access to main dining rooms, buffets, and some cafes.

  • Entertainment: Shows, live music, and various onboard activities.


  • Specialty Dining: Specialty restaurants often require an additional fee.

  • Excursions: Shore excursions are optional and vary in cost.

  • Beverages: Soda, alcohol, and specialty coffees may not be included.

  • Spa Services: Treatments usually come at an extra charge.

  • Internet: Access may be available for a fee, though some lines are now offering free Wi-Fi as a booking incentive.

Do's and Don'ts on the High Seas


  • Pack smart – Layers are your best friend on a cruise. And don't forget a formal outfit; those captain's dinners are not to be missed.

  • Explore the ship – From rock climbing walls to art auctions and spa treatments, there's a lot more on board than just the pool.

  • Book excursions early – Those popular ones can fill up fast, and you don't want to miss out on the best adventures.

  • Early Planning – Booking your cruise early can help you secure the best rates and cabin locations. It also gives you more time to plan excursions and special activities onboard.

  • Pack appropriately—While cruises are generally casual, it's wise to bring a range of clothing for various activities like swimming, formal dining, and shore excursions. Don't forget a jacket or shawl for cooler evenings at sea!

  • Explore Meal Options – Take advantage of the myriad dining options available. From buffet breakfasts to fine dining, exploring the ship's culinary offerings is a treat.


  • Skip the muster drill—safety first, folks! Plus, it's a great way to burn off that buffet breakfast.

  • Forget to check your cell phone plan – Roaming charges on the high seas? That's a horror story you don't want to star in.

  • Overdo the first day – Sea days are coming, so save some energy for the full cruise experience.

  • Stay Connected Unwisely – While sharing every moment on social media is tempting, internet packages on cruise ships can be pricey. Opt for a digital detox, or plan to connect when in port to save.

  • Neglect Health and Safety – Don't skip the muster drill — safety first! Also, pack a small medical kit for seasickness or minor ailments.

Why Book Now?

With new ships launching every year and itineraries that span the globe, there's never been a better time to cruise. Whether it's snorkeling in Belize, sipping a cappuccino in a quaint café in Rome, or just lounging on deck as the world floats by, cruising offers a world of experiences all in one trip.

Each cruise line offers its own unique flavor of sea travel, catering to different tastes and preferences. Virgin Voyages brings a new edge to cruising with adult-only, stylish adventures; Holland America satisfies the soul that thrives on refined exploration, Carnival ensures that your holiday is packed with joyful noise and vibrant sights, Princess Cruises delivers regal sophistication, and luxury lines like Seabourn and Silversea offer unparalleled indulgence.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out those cruise deals, pick your paradise, and let's make some waves! Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a first-time cruiser, the perfect cruise adventure awaits. And remember, on a cruise, every day is a good day. Here's to sunsets at sea and new friends from around the world. Bon voyage!

While you're dreaming of your next cruise adventure, don't forget to plan for your home away from home – your cruise cabin! To make the most of your limited space and keep your belongings organized, check out our blog post on "How to Use Magnets to Maximize your Cruise Cabin Space." From hanging up your daily schedule to keeping your toiletries in place, these magnet hacks will revolutionize your cabin experience. Get ready to set sail with a tidy and efficient cabin space!

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